057 - What has Science done?

Thought this up a while ago. Still gonna be nothin' for a while.

Astrology's bastard cousin finally useful for something.


Misc. - FAIL Wall Drawings

As many of you probably know (since you're my only demographic I've reached, thus far) I submit drawings to a topic run by a member (Voxx) on a site (Spiral Mountain) from time to time.

Recently I started a project called, "KB's FAIL WALL" which was announced right before Thanksgiving and is just now being worked on.

19 members signed up for this project, 6 of which have been drawn and posted, 7 drawings total (1 extra).

Since my school blocks photobucket and I am without my scanner, I will be uploading two of my drawings through my webcam to preview in the topic.

Here they are: