017 - Phones

Never actually seen the movie I'm parodying.



015 - Writers Block

I used to be able to draw a hand holding a piece of paper, on a piece of paper, which I held, with my hand.


014 - A Simple Mistake

I put too much sugar and not enough cream in my coffee.


013 - Proper Slang

This is the only time I would accept this slang.


012 - Birdies

I love golf!


011 - Cruel and Unusual Punishmnent

It annoys me too. The third panel is just cruel.

010 - The End of the World

I don't even know...

009 - Life-Cycle of a Videogame

You can sell or break your games in any of the circular steps, but you will go through the circular steps until one of those two happen.

008 - Oregon Trail

He's about to bust a musket in your keester!

007 - New World Order

All we are saying, is give us another chance.

006 - Pirates and Ninjas

In the hidden 9th and 10th panels, he tears off his pirate face and is a Ninja again.

005 - Woodchucks

Approximately as much as he could.

004 - Water

It's really water. I'm just messing with you... or am I?

003 - What time is it?

Do you have the time, sir?

002 - Rhetorical Question

If a sound falls in the woods, does it make a tree?

001 - Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Not even god knows. That's how crazy it is.