046 - Demoman

Yeah I'm just makin' a new post.

Stickybombs do.


045 - The Creativity Train

I'll be gone until Sunday.

Thems is good trains.

044 - Bananjo-Kazapple

One more today.

Bananjo-Tooie on XBLA soon.

043 - Sneaky Tactics

Woo more updates! Stupid Comics lives again!


042 - MS Paint Luigi

Yes I was bored.



041 - Bananjo-Kazooie

Yeah it'll probably die down in a little while, but I'm gonna ride the creativity train as far as it takes me. Choo! Choo!

Eekum Bokum...

040 - Left 4 Derp

Updatin' like a mad man.

Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Witches, Tanks, and loudmouth idiots await you in the Zombie Apocalypse.


039 - Mario Brothers

...so skip with the flow,
and act like you know,
or you may as well be playin' bingo,
cuz it's official, cuz every test it passes.
Mario Brothers are cool like sunglasses.


038 - Duck Jokes

And I'm off the to the kingdom of the magic mushroom...

Used an old doodle of mine since I can't draw ducks anymore.

Not funny, duck. Not funny.

037 - John S.

Back with a boom!

I don't know a John S.

036 - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

And I'm back!

Super Mario Galaxy never let me down...


035 - Bastard Cat

Finally got an idea. Here it is, all none of you!

He's a new character for sure.


034 - Nope. Still Nothin.

Yeah I'm still stumped. I'll get to it eventually.