050 - Typical Day

Holy spit! If my calculations are correct, this is the 50th comic on the site!

Blog update 54, minus these 4 blog posts, equals 50!

I've had 2 Guest Comics, so that means that I've drawn 48 comics.

So that means 2 more updates and it's my 50th comic, but I'm counting the guests as real comics, so it's 50...

This is like the 5th nuclear zombie-zilla-bot-ocaust this week...


049 - Super Castle Bros.

Totally gonna run outta coal again.

It's-a me! ...dieval castle!

048 - Ghastly Gases

Now I feel like VGCats, except when they update, it's much better.

Ghosts don't need Oxygen.


047 - Concession Starfleet

Yup. It ran outta coal.

Buttery-flavored domination, one planet at a time.