59 - Gotta catch 'em all.

Was in Network Administration class and thought this up. Enjoy.

I should have several comics up or at least started on Sunday.



Misc - LordKaT Image

I drew this when I first discovered the ThatGuyWithTheGlasses IRC.

The image below is of LordKaT, who can be found, surprisingly, at lordkat.com

I think i can do better. Even the expression on the face is like, "Is that it?".

Also for personal reference I'm apparently supposed to check this site out:



Misc. - T.A.N.K. Doodle

Weapon I'm working on getting submitted to Valve.

The T.A.N.K., the latest in Mann Co innovation, uses the incredible power of your KNEES to produce movement faster than you can walk!

It's patented NOT CRAP(tm) design is suited for even the heaviest of men.

Use your newfound speed to bring tiny cowards a taste of their own medicine.


58 - The Tavern Place

Yay circles.

Neighborhood Watch STRIKES AGAIN.


057 - What has Science done?

Thought this up a while ago. Still gonna be nothin' for a while.

Astrology's bastard cousin finally useful for something.


Misc. - FAIL Wall Drawings

As many of you probably know (since you're my only demographic I've reached, thus far) I submit drawings to a topic run by a member (Voxx) on a site (Spiral Mountain) from time to time.

Recently I started a project called, "KB's FAIL WALL" which was announced right before Thanksgiving and is just now being worked on.

19 members signed up for this project, 6 of which have been drawn and posted, 7 drawings total (1 extra).

Since my school blocks photobucket and I am without my scanner, I will be uploading two of my drawings through my webcam to preview in the topic.

Here they are: